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10 Innovative Car Features to Look Out For in 2018

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Refraining from buying a car is very much difficult for a car lover. The fast-growing world of technology brings a new car feature very often. Car lovers keep discovering new features to add it to their fleet. We will here discuss some of those cool new features; the upcoming cars have to offer in 2018.

1. Goggles to Aid Driving

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Something the Mini cooper might have to offer is the use of AR (augmented reality) seen through a pair of glasses or goggles. AR can be used while driving and it helps by providing information about the navigation in real time. It also provides other car details etc.

2. Video on the Go

Some of the upcoming cars have multiple screens in car to aid watching videos but what’s new is the capability of the car to support built in Wifi hotspots for the same. People can now pay service providers to avail the internet for the car and the prices for it can be as low as $5.

3. Watch the Road for You

Cars like Subaru Legacy will soon have to offer something called the eyesight, which will help you to keep the car in lane and will also look constantly for other cars and obstructions on the road. Unlike many other such systems that claim to do the same, eyesight will not be distracted even by snow.

4. AWD before You Slip

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The way most AWD in cars work is after they sense the tyre slipping but that is about to change with cars like the Mazda CX-3. In the new updated version of AWD the system will judge the possibility of occurrence of a tyre slip by analysing the road and temperature with its thermostat. It applies AWD actively as soon as it predicts slipping.

5. Virtual Reality Guide

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Hyundai wants its customers to have an easy time learning about their car. For the same, they have an app in development that works on the concept of virtual reality. A user can download the app on his Smartphone, point it to buttons or various other things in the car by its camera and gather information about the same. They call it the genesis virtual guide.

6. Finding a Parking Spot

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The sensors on the car’s front and rear have helped to park a car for long in reverse and other conditions but it gets too difficult at times to find a parking spot itself on a busy day. BMW wishes to help its car owners to have some aid in doing so and will let them use the iDrive feature to find an empty parking spot and pay for it as well.

7. Cabin Watch

Kids without a doubt have been a reason for collision of cars, they would be in the backseats and when they get bored and tired simply start distracting the driver off the road which might lead to a collision. Now the parents will not have to turn around to watch their kids anymore. With the camera set up in the backseats of the car, the kids can be kept a close watch on the infotainment display in the front and it also allow for communication between the two without screaming.

8. Let’s Try Being Quite as Well

If your car packs in a lot of power, you might like to show it off with a rev every now and then but I am not sure if your neighbours love the same. The 2018 Ford Mustang will now have to offer what’s called the “Quiet Mode”, which will let you drive your car in absolute silence, but not to worry if being loud is what you wish to be, the car will still have the sports and track mode which will still be loud.

9. For Those Who Love Audio Quality

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If you are one of those who are highly concerned with the quality of audio that you play then this is for you. There are ‘audio purists’ who might complain about the quality of audio once it’s been put onto mobiles the cars like Hyundai Elantra GT will now have what’s called the Clari-Fi which will aid the driver to restore lost digital audio signals. The signals might lose due to compression onto phones and offer sound quality that is up to the notch.

10. Instant Bluetooth

Use of NFC (Near Field Communication) has long been limited to tap to pay uses but car manufacturers have now stepped up to incorporate them into cars. Pairing phones with the car sometimes seem too much strenuous but now you might simply be able to do so by tapping the back of your phones against a stylish NFC logo in the middle of your dashboard to have an instant Bluetooth connection.


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