Home Cars 2018 Range Rover Evoque convertible launched in India:

2018 Range Rover Evoque convertible launched in India:


Priced at 69.54 lakhs Range Rover recently launched its convertible SUV in India which claims to have the biggest and widest roof on any production car. The car is similar in design to its non-convertible standard variant Evoque which is almost 9.55 lakhs cheaper when compared.

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The roof can be put down in a time less than 20 seconds and can easily be pulled back up in a bit more than 20 seconds even at the speeds of almost a 50 kmph. The convertible roof of the car has a toll on its boot space in the sense that it trims down its volume by 73 litres.

The volume of the boot space on the convertible edition goes up to 251 litres in number. The car itself is 10 mm longer when it comes to comparing the dimension of the two variants. Something that remains unchanged in the two variants is the water wading capacity which goes to 500mm.

For the price you pay and the model you get, what comes along are all its luxuries. The car flaunts its luxurious features like the 360-degree camera, cruise control, rear parking sensors, 12-way electrically adjustable front seats, 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system, rain sensing wipers and a lot more.

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The car packs in power with its 2.0-litre Si4 engine that runs on petrol creating a total power of 241PS. The variant possesses a nine-speed automatic transmission. With four-wheel drive, the car is pretty quick in gaining speeds when it comes to an SUV (0-100 in 8.1s ). Also to aid the driving the car packs in features like the ABS, traction control and roll stability control as well. With all the power and weight of the SUV, the car tops out at the speed of almost 220kmph. To make the ride safer while one goes off-road Range Rover ads in the tyre pressure monitoring system.

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Now if you ask whether you should buy this ride, It would be a definite yes. With the quality of a Range Rover and the luxuries of an SUV, this car has to offer what others might not. The choice and freedom to enjoy the blue skies when you wish to, while you relax in the luxuries of an SUV. And when it’s a Range Rover you can be sure of turning a lot of heads while you drive this ride through the town.


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