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5 e scooters to look for under 50k

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Future favors the smart and smart in future in terms of fuel seems to be electric. With more and more rides coming up to be in electric variants popularity of this fuel seems to be increasing. Why should it not? Electric vehicles demand less maintenance, have less of issues, cost less than many other options available and are also environment-friendly. With fuel prices increasing rapidly and increase in pollution levels as well, you too might soon wish to switch to an electric vehicle for daily commute if you haven’t already. When talking about daily commute what is better than an electric scooter which costs less, not just in terms of fuel consumption prices but as a vehicle itself as well.

Hero electric photon

Priced right at the edge at almost 49,490 (ex-showroom). Hero electric photon is one of the most popular options when it comes to buying an electric scooter in India. The ride has two modes of driving the power and the eco mode. When on power mode the range ride can provide on a full charge is almost 50km whereas on eco mode the company claims a total of 65km of output on a full charge. The scooter can go up to speeds of 45km/hr which is apt for usual neighbourhood errands.

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Avon e-bike

With the trust of one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in India. This bike was introduced in December 2015 and is sure under the category of less than 50k prices at 20k. The bike runs on a non-maintenance battery and can provide the ride a speed as high as 20km/hr. The ride also has a glove compartment at the back and with a headlamp at the head sure isn’t bad to look at when in one of its two colors silver with red or silver with blue.

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Hero electric Maxi

Another model from the hero, this particular e ride is available at a much less price when putting to comparison with the photon from hero itself and is priced at 34.5k (ex-showroom). With a 48V battery and with an average charging time between 7-8 hours the batteries are capable of providing a torque of 0.3 bhp. Weighing almost 75kg the ride sure hasn’t much need of disc brakes over the provided front and rear drum brakes. The ride can provide a top speed of 25km/hr and a driving range of 70km on a full charge.

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Indus Yo electron

This e scooter from Indus is pretty much a standard e scooter. Priced at almost 36.5k the ride features a battery with a maximum output power of 750 watts. On a full charge, the scooter can cover a distance up to 70km. With halogen lamp, tube tyres and drum brakes the ride is pretty much good for what it costs and can provide top speeds of almost a 25km/hr.

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Palatino Spyker

With the ex-showroom price at 38k the scooter packs in itself a 2W electric motor. The motor has an output power of almost 250W and is a BLDC variant of the motor. The ride has a hefty weight of almost a 230kgs and can charge itself in any time between 6-8 hours span. The battery is a 60V 20Ah. With the hefty weight, the ride also has disc brakes to handle when it comes to need. With alloy wheels the tyres are tubeless. On a full charge, the ride can cover distances as long as 60km which will surely drop to a certain level when talking of being in heavy traffic for long whiles which is something common in today’s metropolitan life. With all the power the scooter can go up to speeds of almost 25Km/Hr.

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