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5 Things That You Should Do To Get The Best of Car Mileage

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There are many simple ways that you can use in order to gain better fuel efficiency from your car. For these, you do not really need to be great with the machinations of your car. This would also mean that more often than not you are driving past your fuel pump rather than stopping over there.

Not keeping the pressure on

One of the first things that you should never do if you want the best mileage for your car is drive with less than optimal tire pressure. When your tire pressure is lower it means that the contact area between the road and the tire is greater. This also means that there is greater friction between the road and the tire’s rubber. This also means that a greater amount of fuel is consumed. When your tires are too inflated it would mean that less oil is being used by the car. At the same time, it would also have a bad effect on the grip of your tire and its ability to spread water on the road.

You need to make sure that the tire is inflated at a level that the manufacturer has recommended. That should make sure that you are doing fine. Also, do check them at least once a week with the best time to do so being the morning.

Not operating smoothly

You should never operate the controls of your car in a rough manner if you want the best mileage from your car. You should be really respectful of the brake pedals and the accelerator.

If you are always being rough with your accelerations and in case your brakes are sudden you might have a lot of fun while you are on road but at the same time, your car will be less fuel efficient for sure.

Not consolidating trips

One longer trip is always going to eat up less fuel than two short tours combined together. The major reason for that is the fact that in a short trip you are always increasing the engine’s speed and this means more fuel is being used. This is the reason why you need to combine your trips as much as you can.

On top of this, such a method would also help you save time on travel.

Not keeping it shut

A lot of your car’s fuel efficiency depends on how its parts are moving in the air. Yes, fuel efficiency is highly related to aerodynamics. For example, even if you opened your windows partially when you are traveling at high speeds you would be dragging the car and that would mean that more fuel is being used up in the process. As opposed to popular belief if you just closed the windows and put your air conditioner (AC) on you would save a lot more fuel.

Not driving in the higher gears

If you can you should shift to the highest possible gear without damaging the engine as such. Whenever your car is being driven at a lower gear it is using up a lot more fuel at the time when you are accelerating. In case the engine is unable to pull through you should not press the throttle. Instead, just shift down. If you have a petrol car the best would be to go at 2000 revolutions per minute (rpm). In case of diesel cars, this would come down to 1500 rpm. This way, you would get the finest mix of economy and speed. If you have an automatic car with manual shift you should use short shift in order to save fuel.

Not reducing the weight of your car is also going to reduce your chances of gaining better fuel economy on your car.


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