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9 Tips on How You Can Keep Your Vehicle Fit and Rock-Steady

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Your first car or second, you love for drive never decreases. But like any other relation, your car or bike also required proper care and maintenance to give you that exact pleasure of ride which you enjoyed the first time while holding it. The Autofizz sharing nine easy but effective tips to keep your vehicle fit and rock steady. Here we go-

The First Tip

There are plenty of things that you need to do in order to make sure that your car is in fine fettle. The first thing that you need to do in order to keep your vehicle in proper working order is to check the oil on a regular basis and change it if the need arises. If you change your filter and oil on a regular basis it would be the best thing that could happen to your car. On the other hand, if you do not check and change the oil in your car it could be the worst thing to do to your car.

The Second Tip

You should change the coolant and flush your cooling system at least once a year. When you have distilled water and coolant in an equal proportion in your cooling system you can be sure that your cooling system would be fine enough. It would stop corrosion from happening as well as deposits that may otherwise build up within the cooling system.

The Third Tip

Always change out the differential and transmission oils. It is true that you need not do it on a frequent basis. However, they should be changed at definite intervals for sure. You should only use gear oil and transmission fluid that has been recommended to you. It has to be of the right viscosity levels as well.

The Fourth Tip

Keep your car as clean as may be possible for you. Obviously, when we say this we mean that the outside needs to be washed as much as possible. Also, check the undersides since the run over materials may get stuck over there. In case of road grime and winter salt, you should definitely use a hosepipe.

The Fifth Tip

Frequent lubrication of your car is necessary since almost all parts that move depend on it. If your car is poorly lubricated parts such as ball joints may be badly affected. This is also applicable for u-joints and other driveline components such as itself. At times you may also need to remove the driveline in order to be able to use the zerk grease fitting.

The Sixth Tip

You should use the best quality of wax that you can afford. This will make sure that the car keeps looking good for a really long period of time. You should apply wax on your car after six months every year.

The Seventh tip

Need to take care of the plastic inside and so, as much as may be possible, park your car in shaded areas. You can also use a window deflector screen for this purpose or apply an ultraviolet (UV) protectant. This will make sure that the vinyl and the plastic do not dry out.

The Eighth Tip

You should clean your wheel bearings at definite intervals as required by your mechanics and the like. If the need be you may have to get them cleaned and repacked as well. As opposed to replacing hubs and spindles it would cost you a lot less change the grease and the wheel bearings. This will also make sure that the wheels do not come after some time of neglect.

The Ninth tip

Brake fluid normally happens to be hygroscopic. This implies it is capable of drawing moisture. When you have moisture the components tend to get corroded and then they start to fail. This is why you need to change the bleed system and the fluid at least once a year. Brake fluid is normally on the cheaper side but calipers, sensors, and hoses tend to be sensitive and on the costlier side. This is something that you need to keep in mind.

Now, you know how to keep your car clear so your mood happy! Let us know your experience or any new tips you would like to share with our reader, comment below and share the articles with your friends on social media who don’t keep their vehicles clean.


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