Home Bikes A glance at 90’s Bikes: Bests in Segment

A glance at 90’s Bikes: Bests in Segment

A glance at 90's Bikes: Bests in Segment

Yamaha RX 100 is one of the first names that come to our mind when it comes to the top motorbikes of the 1990s in India. The bike was originally produced in 1976 by Yamaha and it was basically a ranger bike as such. It became one of the top-selling products of the Yamaha brand. The bike’s engine was known to be a powerful one and its grunt was like music to the ears of the bike lovers of that era. In fact, these were two major reasons why the bike was a lot more popular than what it was supposed to do.

Hero Honda Splendor

hero honda splendor
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This is the second name that needs to be taken in this particular regard. In fact, it was the everyman’s bike in the sense that in the 90s it was the premier option if you wanted to buy a decent bike within a reasonable price range. In fact, this very regular budget bike was created following a joint venture (JV). Later on, Hero Honda updated it to Splendor + and then Splendour iSmart before both Hero and Honda decided to go their separate ways. The bike came with a 97.2 cc, air cooled, 4 stroke, OHC (OverHead Cam), and single cylinder engine.

Rajdoot 350

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Rajdoot 350, also known as RD 350, was made during 1983 and 1986 by the Escorts Group. The bike itself was a muscled one and it happened to be a two-stroke bike as such. Its initials RD also signified Race Developed series. The bike was marketed in India as part of a joint effort of the Escorts Group and Yamaha Japan. Rajdoot came to India after Yamaha RD350B bikes were no longer being sold in Japan. This happened during the 70s and the causes were purely regulatory in nature.

Yezdi Roadking 250

Yezdi Roadking 250
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The basis of Yezdi Roadking 250 was a CZ 250 that Jaroslav Falta had driven in 1974 when he won the Motocross World Championship. A company named Ideal Jawa Ltd produced the bike. It was based out of Mysore. It was produced primarily between 1978 and 1996. The bike came with a 250 cc engine and it featured twin exhausts. It had a semi-automatic clutch as well. In fact, this bike too was used in order to win a number of road races and rallies across the country. This is the reason why this bike is still in relatively high demand among youngsters till now.

Royal Enfield Mini Bullet 200cc

Royal Enfield Mini Bullet 200cc
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After Enfield bikes’ manufacture was stopped in 1971 in England its Indian arm Royal Enfield started to make Mini Bullet from around 1973. To begin with, it was named Enfield 200. However, later on, as part of a marketing strategy, the name was changed to Mini Bullet 200.

The bike was originally created as an improved version of Crusader, which was a 173 cc bike. The particular bike drew its power from Villiers and as far as racing lovers were concerned it was the first choice.


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