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Is this Auto Expo bringing good news for Electric Vehicles?

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Auto Expo 2018, which is to be held in Delhi from 9-14 February, will have six individual zones that include future mobility architecture and automotive innovation. The theme of this edition of Auto Expo is ‘Co-Create, Co-Exist and Celebrate’ which emphasizes ‘Entire Mobility Ecosystem.’

Six Special Zones

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The first zone includes automotive innovation which covers start-ups and electric vehicle technology solution.

The second zone includes Exotica which will display heritage cars and supercars

The third zone, Motorsports, will display rally vehicles.

The fourth zone will feature an Auto Gaming Arena and Future Mobility Experience. The Future Mobility Experience is meant to provide a virtual reality experience to drivers. They will drive connected and autonomous electric vehicles on different terrains to experience the concept.

The fifth zone features application vehicles that will display milk vans, school buses, Army trucks and fire trucks.

The last zone is dedicated to anti-counterfeiting to promote the use of genuine and good quality spare parts.

What are Electric Vehicles?

An electric vehicle coverts fuel to electricity through an electrical generator or is powered through a collective system by electricity from off-vehicle sources or self-contained sources like a battery or solar panel.

Future of EVs in India

This year automakers such as Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra are all looking forward to rolling out electric cars. Recently, Mahindra & Mahindra has committed to invest Rs 600 crore spread across three years to build the broadest range of electric vehicles, extending from the KUV 100 to the TUV 300. The Tivoli Electric will also be the first electric mini-SUV from Mahindra.

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On the other hand, Tata Motors, plans on revealing an electric version of Tiago and Tigor along with reviving its Nano too at Auto Expo.

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It isn’t just the Indian automakers that are keen on launching electric vehicles, with brands like Hyundai and Nissan, considering the same by 2019. Hyundai plans on introducing two of its electric vehicle brands- Ioniq and Kona in India. Nissan might bring Leaf EV, which was first introduced in 2010, to India at the upcoming event.

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India already has i8 from the German luxury carmaker, BMW. Looking at how the market trend for electric vehicles in India is increasing, there are chances of BMW i3 coming to the country. If sources are to be believed, BMW i3 will be ready to be launched in India by mid-2018 after its showcase at Auto Expo.

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French automaker, Renault too is expected to follow the footsteps of Mahindra & Mahindra and Tata by announcing their future EV plans for India at the upcoming Auto Expo with offerings such as the Zoe hatchback EV that generates 90PS of power and 220Nm of torque.

Apart from the known brand of carmakers, there is a Bengaluru based start-up Mean Metal Motors that has been working with the Italy-based company Tazzari, to produce the first ever electric sports car M-Zero. Prototypes of the car would gradually be rolled out in 2018.

This move is backed by the Indian government’s intent to rapidly promote the use of electric vehicles to enhance the energy security of India leading to a cleaner environment. The government plans to shift to EVs by 2030 on a mass scale for both personal and commercial vehicles.


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