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Brief Analysis: What are the Factors Enabling the Cruise Bike Manufacturers to Betting it big?

Brief Analysis: What are the Factors Enabling the Cruise Bike Manufacturers to Betting it big?


India is all set to become one of the major bike manufacturers and exporters in the years to come. The joint scheme between Lohia Auto Industries and UM Motorcycles based in the USA is preparing an aggressive campaign for development in India & overseas. India will be exporting large cc bikes to European countries from the coming year which will witness an exponential growth for such bikes in India as well as Europe. This is the news from overseas market. But as far as the local market is concerned, they will arrange for a manufacturing unit in the next eighteen months to attain close to hundred percent localizations from the present 60-70%.

How are the local companies gearing up?

Lohia auto industries are looking to increase their number of 57 dealers to 72 dealers around Diwali. The company is anticipating the latest bikes especially the Classic model in order to obtain bigger volumes as it put stakes on the cruiser group of mid-sized superbike market. The company is concurrently developing superior cc engines as well as platforms for the native as well as overseas market.

There is already a market for 300-350cc engines in India. The company anticipates that these customers will be interested in the next stage and look at buying the 700cc + bikes in the years to come.

The thirst for new bikes among enthusiasts is on a rise and this has been noticed for all sorts of brands. The facts mentioned above pertain to one such big shot bike manufacturer. But there are thousands who are eyeing the expanding bike market, particularly for the high-end bikes segment. Whether it is the already popular Harley Davidson with its cult status or Benelli with its unique strategy of bike offerings from 300-1,100cc bikes or even Triumph catching the market with the premium sporty option, everyone believes that the future years are going to be extremely interesting and rewarding for bike market.

The General Market Scenario

At the India Bike Week in Goa, the leading bike manufacturers showcased their products which marked the interest of bike riders. These manufacturers are plenty in number and they will produce a wide variety of bikes to a wide range of price.

In fact, Triumph has been in India for just over a year now and has already sold 1,300 bikes with its offering of 12 motorcycles across 5 categories. For Harley Davidson, the next couple of years will be for consolidation and development. This is one of those bike companies which has witnessed steady growth across segments and is anticipating more in the future.

Excited Time Ahead

Once the bikers get a taste of riding a great vehicle, they do not compromise on their vehicle anymore. So, it is important for a company to have a foundation of good bikers which can continue to enjoy the lifestyle and experience offered to them. These companies are also targeting Diwali launch and other such launches during the festive season when bikers are on a high. The Italian brand Benelli is betting on ‘killer pricing’ which it will announce in March formally with the launch of two new 2-wheelers.


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