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What is the ideal time interval before two car services?

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Today we live in a time when almost all four wheelers come with their versions of an indicator that tells you when it is time to take your car for its salon time, or as we generally call it, servicing. However, it is not the case with cars that are a few years older, and we presume that not everyone is fortunate enough to change cars annually or even bi-annually. For those who belong to this category, this article may be of some help.

Why is Car Servicing Important?

Servicing a car is pretty much like humans going to a doctor for regular medical checkups. After the car has been used for over a period of time, it will require periodical servicing to ensure it is in a good state. Now the question arises, how to know, what is the ideal time to get your car serviced?

When should you get your car serviced?

Check your car’s owner manual

The most common and easiest way is to check your car’s owner manual. This manual normally gives you the inside out of how to manage your vehicle and there is ideally, a section at the end of the manual which will give you the details about servicing your car. It includes the intervals at which the car should be serviced and what parts will need special attention.

Go Old School

In case you are the kind that keeps losing important things, such as car manuals and other such documents, then you have to go old school and follow the established rule of car servicing: get your car serviced after every ten thousand kilometres or every six months, whichever comes first.

Self Analyze the condition of your car

Some people think that if they have not reached a mark of 10,000 km., they can skip the servicing until they reach the said mark. But that is not the correct way to go about it. Even if your car has not run the required kilometres, there are certain aspects of a car that are affected due to the passage of time. You must factor in these aspects while deciding whether or not it is time to take your car for serving. For instance, the fluids that your car uses to run smoothly, such as coolant, fuel etc. are prone to moisture. It does not matter how smooth your car runs, moisture is an inevitability. Therefore, it is important to get it replaced timely.

Effects of Not Getting Timely Car Servicing.

A lot can happen if you fail to get your car serviced at timely intervals. For instance, the mileage of the car is affected. You will get lesser and lesser average per litre. Gradually you may also feel a reduced comfort in driving. More friction in steering the wheels or changing gears. With time these issues can take the form of major mechanical failures. Since it happens gradually, we often take servicing very lightly. But it must be understood, that while it may take its time in showing the damage caused due to failure in car servicing, the effects are irreversible and can cause you a serious monetary setback. Hence, it is best to be safe than sorry.

Why change oils?

Now that most engine oils come with cleaning agents, people do not take changing of oil seriously. While the cleaning agents to help keep the engine clean, they also wear off over a period of time. So the cleaning agents may elongate the life of your engine oil a little, it does not eradicate the need to change it.

Brake fluids also should be changed at regular intervals in order to reduce moisture from the brakes, which reduce its performance. Experts suggest flushing of brake system at regular interval of two years, irrespective of the distance travelled.

These are a few suggestions that can help elongate the life of your vehicle by a few more years!


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