Home News Is India ready for Tesla? – A brief explanation

Is India ready for Tesla? – A brief explanation

Is India ready for Tesla? – A brief explanation
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The news of the launch of Tesla in summer 2017 was such a big bang, but very few people actually considered whether the release will be appropriate for India. India may not be ready for such a fascinating car. The buzz was created with the talk of the release of Tesla S which is the world’s first 100% electric sedan. It has 7 variants of this model for sale now. This release was followed by Tesla X which is an all-electric SUV car claimed to be among the safest SUV by the company in terms of performance in frontal and side crash tests. The Tesla cars are the most futuristic cars on the market now.

Tesla- The Show Stopper

Tesla will appear as a show stopper in a market which offers cars inspired by each others’ designs. The showstopper will feature falcon wings which are absolutely new and unique among the SUVs found in India. In fact, none of the cars in Indian market feature this kind of doors.

The S model in Tesla features a 17-inch capacitive touchscreen, Internet connectivity also in the form of Wi-Fi and onboard maps and navigation with free updates for 7 years. These features collectively aid in roaming around the country with any trouble.

Tesla Runs on Electricity

All the Tesla cars run on electricity and automated driving is the biggest USP of these cars. None of the Indian cars even come remotely close to the Tesla cars thus making it appear like a distant dream for car enthusiasts. Tesla cars are equipped with self-parking technology which means the car can automatically read the road signs and also find a ‘legal’ parking spot. The car can park it automatically and effortlessly do so. It can even provide some serious driving tips to the Indian drivers.

Challenges Faced by Tesla in India

The biggest challenge for Tesla cars in India is the autopilot feature. Excellent Internet coverage is required for this feature to function flawlessly; in India, it is a distant dream. Moreover, self-drive feature relies on radar guidance or which one must seek permission from the defense ministry of the country.

In addition, India has always been home to the most notorious of roads. Reckless driving, over-speeding car, lane changing and driving on the wrong side are some of the features of driving on Indian road. It can be very challenging for a computer mind sitting behind the wheel to cope with so much pressure.

This translates into driving failure in terms of Tesla because the car will have to stand still for the majority of times when it is put on Autopilot. Also, charging a Tesla car in India will also be a challenge.

Even USA had to cope with this challenge when Tesla was released. These cars usually take around 20 minutes to charge half of their capacity at a charging station. This will create havoc in the stations in India. Thus, India needs to build up infrastructure to bring in the Tesla cars on the roads.


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