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Journey of the Bajaj Pulsar that made the company a dominant player in the Sports Segment

Journey of the Bajaj Pulsar that made the company a dominant player in the Sports Segment
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These were made in 2001, first in this series of bikes. Pulsar 150 went up against Hero Honda CBZ as far as the entry level 150 cc sports bikes were concerned. This motorbike came with a stance that can be described as being muscular in the truest sense of the term.

Pulsar 150 DTS-i UG-1 and Pulsar 180 DTS-i UG-1

These, made in 2003, could be called the upgraded versions of the two bikes that we have mentioned already. There were several changes – both on the outside as well as the inside. For example, both these bikes now had a bikini fairing that skirted the new headlamp and made the bikes look smarter.

Pulsar 150 DTS-i UG-2 and Pulsar 180 DTS-i UG-2

These were made during 2005 and could be described as the further upgraded versions of the 2001 bikes. By that time the Pulsar bikes were highly popular in India.

Pulsar 150 DTS-i UG-3 and Pulsar 180 DTS-i UG-3

Till date, these bikes represent the best appearance related upgrade that the Pulsar bikes have received. They were brought out in 2006. This time however, Bajaj decided to keep the engine output same as before.

Pulsar 200 DTS-I

Made in 2007 this bike represented the first step by Pulsar to climb the ladder that was the performance segment. They moved beyond the 180 cc and 150 cc models that they had been making so far. In fact, Pulsar 200 DTS-I was the first bike in India to be made in this category.

Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi

Till now, there has not been a stronger Pulsar made in the history of this bike. It came out in 2007 as well. As such it remains one of its most significant products as well. In fact, it could be said that this bike wrote a new chapter in the history of the company.

Pulsar 150 DTS-i UG-4 and Pulsar 180 DTS-i UG-4

These bikes were introduced in 2009. These products were an attempt by the company to make the product look better and fresher than what they were before. This was the fourth time that mechanical and cosmetic changes were made to the bikes.

Pulsar 135 LS

This was the first time that Bajaj came down the performance ladder as such. This below 150 cc bike made in 2009 as well was more of a commuter vehicle than a sports bike as such. In spite of being made for that particular segment, the bike was really powerful.

Pulsar 150 DTS-i UG-4.5

This bike launched in 2010 could be described as a mildly improved variation of UG-4 Pulsar 150 DTS-i. This represented the first time that separate attention was provided to Pulsar 150 DTS-i. There were no changes done to Pulsar 180 DTS-i as such.


In the recent years, the company has brought out Pulsar 220F DTS-I and Pulsar 220S DTS-I (in 2010), Pulsar 200 NS (in 2012), the Dual Tone Pulsar Range (in 2013), Pulsar RS 200 (in 2015), and Pulsar AS 150 and AS 200 (in 2015). All these have helped it maintain a premium position in the segment for sports bikes in India.


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