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Luxury is a statement- Best Cars in range of 25 lakh


There was a time when luxury was a privilege for the rich, and the others could only dream of it. But now the boundary between premium luxury and affordable luxury has blurred, and many can taste the feel of it. The aspiring middle class, which includes professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate employees, have been able to afford luxury for themselves.

Many of the youth feel that luxury is not just supposed to reflect wealth but also should mirror comfort or leisure. And this is what brands have decided to use to their advantage, from watches to mobile phone; they have agreed to expand their market. Take, for example, Mercedes in India traditionally targeted the older and affluent statistic, but since the perception of luxury and their ability to purchase it has changed for the masses, Mercedes decided not overlook this young but growing, target group.

With luxury being combined with our love for cars, there has been a constant increase in demand for them in the market. And this is where I step in to tell you about the best cars up to 25 lakh in the market currently.


1. Volkswagen GTI: The GTI has a sturdy build and reinforced engine, as can be expected from any Volkswagen. It combines power with technology to ensure that your drive is pleasurable. It has a “Sport mode” that turns the GTI into a quick blur for those who are looking for the extra high as if the ride wasn’t enough.
Price- 19.9 lakh approximately


2. Skoda Octavia: A strong, chiseled aesthetic combined with an equally pleasing interior makes the Octavia a stunning drive. Its 2.0 TDI Diesel engine with Manual 6 speed fully synchronized, delivers a power of 105.00 kW and torque of 350 Nm makes it high on fuel efficiency and low on emissions.
Price- 15.7 lakh approximately


3. Chevrolet Cruze: Having been loaded with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, the VCDi engine develops 166 bhp of power and 380 Nm of torque that drives the front wheels. The Cruze boasts of new LED DRLs, chrome horizontal slats and a new projector fog lamp on the exterior and an equally stunning interior that includes MyLink infotainment system, a rear vision camera, and a seven-inch touchscreen.
Price- 13.7 lakh approximately


4 Hyundai Elantra: The all-new Elantra is designed to deliver a world-class experience, with optimized technology, a sporty chassis structure, and fuel-efficient engine. The Nu 2.0 MPi petrol engine is capable of a maximum 152 PS at 6,200 rpm and 19.6 Nm torque at 4,000 rpm.
Price- 12.9 approximately


5. Honda WR-V: The WR-V has a 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine which has a fuel efficiency of 25.5 km/l in its diesel variant and a maximum power of 100 PS. It runs on a low friction technology that makes the ride smoother. The exterior is a head-turner, with the stance of a masculine roadster and the interior has an on-board satellite-linked navigation that makes it easier to navigate.
Price- 7.8 lakh approximately


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