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Maximize the Benefits of Vehicle Insurance by Following Simple Steps

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Over the years the concept of car insurance has got better and that also to a significant extent. These days, as a consumer, you can expect to select from a wide range of extra coverage and various services based on assistance. This way, you are also able to get the highest possible value from your car insurance policy. A comprehensive car insurance policy might provide you the costs of repair but important emergency services can be hard to come by.

Protecting your engine

This is the first thing that you should be looking at if you are aiming to make the most of your car insurance. One of the commonest forms of damage that your car may suffer during the monsoon season is engine seizure. This could happen because water is entering your engine or ingression over there. This could also lead to your car stopping dead right in the middle of the road. Normally, in such cases, the drivers tend to drive their cars quicker in an effort to get out of the predicament. This only serves to make the situation worse.

Normally, a comprehensive insurance policy would not cover engine seizure owing to water ingress. For this, you would need an engine protect or hydrostatic cover facility. This would make sure that your car insurance policy deals with the external issues as well as a breakdown of engine owing to damages such as water ingression. Similarly, such policies can also cover damage of engine suffered by lubricants leaking onto the engine.

Roadside help

These days, it is quite normal to see your car breaking down in the middle of the road. This means that when this happens you are stranded at an unknown location because you do not get any help or there is no garage nearby.

There are no mechanics that they can turn to at the roadside. This is where roadside assistance cover in your car insurance policy can come in so handy. When you have such coverage in your policy you would not have to worry about getting help in circumstances such as those. The insurer itself would arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the garage or workshop closest to the spot where the breakdown has happened, or provide you the help needed to deal with the problem.

Along with small repairs and towing help such cover would also help you get access to some very important facilities. This includes services such as arranging fuel, battery and replacing fuel. Nowadays, they are also known to provide you a substitute car and hotel accommodation as part of their benefits in this regard.

Return to invoice

In case, if you were to lose your car or if it was stolen, the insurer would pay you the insurer declared value (IDV) of said car. However, you still do not get the difference between the car’s ex-showroom price and its IDV as well as the road tax you have paid on the same.

When you have the additional feature named return to invoice you will indeed get the road tax as well as the differential amount that has already been spoken about. This would also make it easier for you to purchase a new car.

Quality Assurance

Nowadays, it is possible for an insurer to guarantee you that it would arrange a certain level of repairs in case you needed it. In case you make a claim it would make sure that your car is repaired at a workshop that is authorized to do such work.

As the car owner, this is the best service that you can ask for. The insurer would also provide you pick up and drop for free as part of these services. However, before you avail a service such as this you should definitely call up the insurer so that you can get complete details of the benefits provided in this regard. This will help you take a decision regarding the repairs of your car.

Repairing in case there is an accident

Roadside help

This will make sure that you are always peaceful as a car owner. This service would make sure that your car is repaired properly and you would also get help at the right time and place


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