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Presenting The First Ever Tesla For India – Tesla X – SUV

Presenting The First Ever Tesla For India - Tesla X – SUV
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India is now getting the first ever model of the famous Tesla cars founded by celebrated entrepreneur Elon Musk. For long, people in India have waited to get their hands on this car. It, however, needs to be kept in mind in this context that this car does not really signal Tesla’s launch in India. The electric carmaker from the United States of America (USA) is yet to draw up a plan as such for getting into the Indian market. This car is basically an imported one. Still, it is historic in the sense that at least there is one such electric car in this country whose government is aiming to sell only electric cars by 2030.

Tesla X is one of the few SUVs (sports utility vehicles) of the world that are completely electric. The car is also highly amenable to technology and as such it happens to be a practical option as well. It can seat seven people.

If you are looking at performance-related factors then you would be happy to know that this particular car is capable of getting to 100 km/h (kilometers per hour) in just 2.9-4.7 seconds.

This, however, is applicable to the X P100D model. This is the breakneck speed at its very best. As far as the X P75D model is concerned the time taken to do this is 4.9 seconds.

Made In USA

The manufacturing facility of Tesla is located at Freemont in the USA. Its underpinnings are similar to the model named Model S. The styling and design are pretty similar as well. However, there are some other factors that have made Model X so popular with one and all. It has falcon doors that open vertically. This makes it really easy to get in and out of the car. Apart from that, you can say that the opening and closing of doors of this car are spectacular, to say the least.

From where does the car get its power?

Tesla X gets its power from a couple of electric motors that have been mounted on both the axles. The basic version of this car is capable of generating 259 BHP (brake horsepower) on the front, as well as the rear, motor. In the performance version, the front motor generates the same power but the rear motor can take it up to 503 BHP. In all, the car is capable of producing a torque output of 967 Nm (Newton meter). This is a marvelous statistic no matter how you see it.

Some crucial details

These cars cannot get beyond 250 km/h. The top speeds of these cars have been determined electronically. Tesla has stated that if a driver is sedated then she or he would be able to drive 474 km by just charging this car just once. The model that has been imported happens to be a P75D that comes with a range of 381 km. The car is like a veritable wet dream for tech geeks of the world, filled as it is with plenty of technology all around.


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