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Speed is a thrill- Best Torque cars in India

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People have for a long time had a sort of love affair with speed. We are always looking to go the extra mile when it comes to living life in the fast lane because nobody wants to be left behind when the world is moving ahead. There’s no high quite like an adrenaline high, at least that’s what anyone who has been behind the wheel of a sports car in no traffic would say. Driving a fast car is the closest people come to an adventure in the fast-paced life that they are living.

Here is a list of torque cars that you have to take a look at if you want to chase after an adrenaline rush. Torque is the measure of the power of a machine, the number of rotations that the car’s axle makes.

Honda Amaze

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The lightest Honda to get a 1500cc Earth Dreams Engine, which is a set of technology that enhances driving performance and fuel efficiency at a high level, has a torque of 109 to 120 Nm. With an attractive car interior and an interactive interface, this car is undoubtedly an impressive ride.

Volkswagen Vento

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class=”cont-style”>With a torque of 153 to 250 Nm, Vento offers a luxurious ride. This car is the best representation of German engineering, from its sleek exterior to an interior that exudes elegance with every trip. Its advanced technology works seamlessly to make your drive precious and effortless.

Ford Figo Aspire

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In addition to an all-new petrol engine that produces 112 Nm of torque, this car is a perfect combination of dynamism and luxury at your feet. It is packed with the latest smart features that keep you connected to your loved ones. The 1.2l Ti-VCT petrol engine offers a power-packed performance you can rely on, without compromising on fuel efficiency.

Skoda Rapid

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It is lighter than the Vento and therefore has a better torque to weight ratio as well. A torque of 153 to 250 Nm in its petrol and diesel variant; an impressive fuel economy of 14.84 km/l give you the best of both worlds. It delivers 105 PS of power and a peak torque of 153 Nm. This car is a combination of performance and style.

Ford Figo

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This car has a sporty exterior and a smart interior making it a combination of style and substance. Figo has a torque of 112 to 215 Nm and an engine capacity of 1499 cc. It delivers a mileage of 18.16 km/l and 25.83 km/l for the 1.2-litre petrol and 1.5-litre diesel, respectively. An excellent robust engine delivers excellent torque, power, and good fuel efficiency.

Hyundai Verna

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The Verna is one of the world’s most loved sedans, with the 1.6L Gamma Dual VTVT Petrol engine and 1.6L U2 CRDi diesel engine that is built for optimum fuel efficiency. It generates a power of 123 PS and 128 PS respectively. Verna has a torque of 151 to 260 Nm in its petrol and diesel versions.

Volkswagen Polo GT TDI

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With a surprisingly commanding torque of 250 Nm in its diesel version, Polo GT is a mix of unbelievable performance and edgy design, meant to give you a world-class experience. It has an added Cruise Control feature that allows the driver to maintain a steady speed without any extra effort. It delivers a power of 110 PS to give a mileage of 19.91 km/l.


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