Home Bikes Suzuki Intruder150 – A detailed and honest review

Suzuki Intruder150 – A detailed and honest review

Suzuki Intruder150 – A detailed and honest review
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Suzuki Motorcycles India has opted to sell only the 150 cc motorbikes and above in India apart from the scooters. Its commuters such as Heat, Zeus, Hayate, and Slingshot have not had the kind of positive impact that it thought they would have. It was Gixxer and its various versions, as well as the scooter named Access, which somewhat redeemed its stature in the market. Suzuki has also done well with the 125 cc version of Gixxer. This success coupled with the fact that the preferences and patterns in the Indian premium market are changing at a rapid rate has now led Suzuki to bring the first derivative of Gixxer – a cruiser named Intruder 150.

How good is the engine?

Suzuki Intruder 150 comes with a 155 cc engine, the same as the one that you get in Gixxer. Gixxer is well known for its performance full of enthusiasm, good levels of economy, and exceptional refinement. This was one reason why the bike was rated so highly.

In fact, the Overdrive magazine rated it as one of the best 150 cc bikes in India. So, you can jolly well guess how good the engine is. The engine though is not an identical twin of the Gixxer one.

How good is the chassis?

The frame, in which the engine sits, is pretty similar to Gixxer but not exactly identical as such. Its fork is a bit shorter and it extends the trail. However, the rake angle in both the bikes happens to be similar. This way, Suzuki is able to operate with a similar headstock. At the rear end of the frame, you get a new pivot. The swingarm is a box section one and longer than that of Gixxer.

The new bike is heavier than Gixxer and Suzuki officials say much of that has happened because of these changes and reinforcements made to the chassis.

How good is the ride?

Suzuki Intruder 150 will provide you a great experience with respect to riding it. You will also be reminded strongly of Gixxer 150 and experts say that is a good thing.

It seems that the engine has a fair bit of torque and you can progress quite easily without the need to make too many changes to the gear as such.

You will be highly impressed by the handling as well as the overall quality of the ride. You will feel nothing much other than the biggest bumps.

How good are its features and accessories?

Suzuki Intruder 150 does not come with any feature or accessory that you did not see in Gixxer 150. The dashboard is the same as Gixxer – completely digital. In fact, even the shift light is the same. The unit is marked heavily and as a result, it suffers from lack of space. No matter how experienced you are, it would still take you some time to figure out the ‘what’s and ‘how’s on the display board. However, once you are able to come to terms with it you should not have any problem whatsoever.


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