Home Cars Tata Nano Diesel: What Should You Expect from The Budget Car?

Tata Nano Diesel: What Should You Expect from The Budget Car?

Tata Nano Diesel: What Should You Expect from The Budget Car?
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Tata Nano was one car which had created a lot of buzz during the time of its release due to its specifications. After the first lot was released, there were some problems due to which it was being withdrawn from the market and a second lot was released. This modified model had certain things that were, of course, different and better from the last one. The expected price for the Nano diesel is around INR 2, 50,000 which is truly affordable by the middle class. The car has 800cc of engine displacement and 4 manual gears.

The specifications – Pros and Cons

Maximum power generated by the engine will be 40Bhp at 4000 rpm. Maximum torque will be 60 Nm while its topmost speed will be 90 KMPH. Boot space for the car will be 80 liters while ground clearance will be 180mm. The fuel tank capacity for Nano is 15 liters. Some of the pros of Nano are:

  • Spacious interiors
  • Cool appearance

Some cons are:

  • Delayed launch
  • Rather small fuel tank

The Tata Nano diesel car is hatchback in its body type. This diesel variety from Tata motors is a fuel efficient and smart car for a particular segment. Under the vision of Ratan Tata, Nano was conceived to be an affordable vehicle for the family in India. It is expected to be powered by an 800cc twin cylinder engine which generates optimal power of 40bhp@ 4000 rpm and that too at a maximum torque of 60 Nm. The overall length of the car is 3099 mm with a width of 1495mm. The overall height of the car is 1652mm while the wheelbase is 2230mm. The car’s turning radius is 4 meters.

Last of all…

It can accommodate 4 people and there are front disk and rear drum. The suspension of the car is Independent McPherson Struts, coil springs. The car also features normal power steering to make driving easy and smooth. Thus, expecting a comfortable seating arrangement and drive can be expected from this affordable car. Also, you can expect to buy Nano diesel in various colors ranging from electric blue to magenta.


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