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Top 5 Most Astonishing DC Modified Cars

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The new big thing is the DC Modified Cars. Some of these cars are so astonishingly good looking that they are sure to take away your breath. So here we have come up with a list of top 10 DC modified cars that are sure to take your pulse racing.

HM Ambassador – Ambierod

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DC has definitely managed to pull off the humble Ambassador well. It’s all new hot rod look is sure to make you drool. The major modification seen in the car is the gullwing door. Further, the six-spoked alloy wheels and the low ground clearance simply make the HM Ambassador irresistible. As for the interior, it definitely futuristic. Given the space available for the rear passenger, this is one helluva car.

Ford EcoSport

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Against the production version, if you go with the DC modified version of Ford EcoSport, you’ll notice that the car has got a more sporty look. The headlamps of the car use glistening LED lights. Moreover, the bumper turns the area for the headlamps. Definitely, this version of EcoSport is a perfect take for all you style freaks. DC, however, has got this only as a kit for the EcoSport. On the interiors, you’ll notice double tone upholstery with modification in the upright touchscreen infotainment system as well as the illumination light.

Toyota Innova

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With the DC modification, Toyota Innova has got a look to die for. The new modifications include plastic cladding on the wheels and around the body which gives the car a more tough and bulky look. The imposing stance of the Toyota Innova is rounded off using the huge split air dams. Moreover, it is the interior of the vehicle that is sure to take away your breath. Its cockpit inspired looks to give an impression of the interior of a first-class flight. All in all, this one is definitely an epitome of luxury with its astonishing wood design.

Renault Duster

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DC modified Renault Duster has an unmatchable executive stance and aura that you’ll just not find anywhere. The kit by DC is fit and wouldn’t need a lot of tampering with the body of the vehicle. DC has modified the original headlamps with the LED lights. Further, the headlamps are moved to the bumper area. A lot of hard work has gone in the interior of the vehicle too which makes the car look swanky. The all-new wooden finish with white leather gives a luxury feel to the car. Moreover, the dual tone upholstery of the car only makes it look appealing.

Volkswagen Polo Midnight

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Volkswagen Polo is a dual door car that comes with an improved masculine design. It is pretty smooth and has broad and thick wheel arches. The Polo Midnight wheel arches add to the good looks of the vehicle. Moreover, the headlamps which look imposing would lure you to race the vehicle just as you get your hands on it. It is definitely a great modification from the design and line Pols follows.


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