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Upcoming Hatchback Cars 2018: Checkout the New Trend & Designs

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The year 2018 has a lot packed in it for us especially in the cars segment. There are many cars in 2018 yet to be revealed. The new cars in queue include a lot many from the hatchback segment. India is a country of more and more of family people, our population count sure speaks for it. So hatchback cars in India sure hold a special place in the hearts of people. Some of the hatchbacks unveiling in 2018 for the new buyers would include:

1.Maruti Suzuki Wagon R diesel

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The car has been on the block for many years now and is one out of the best-performing cars in production by the company. The company has already been selling its third generation of the car’s model in Japan. Designers took the high road this time to make the already difficult to accept car’s look even boxier. The headlamps are now made to be much squarer in shape. The yet to release car might see some changes in its style when it comes to India though. The car is arriving apparently in the later part of the year.

2. Honda Jazz Facelift

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This great car from Honda India is about to get a makeover for the new year, the facelift version of the Honda jazz would feature a new set of alloys, LED headlamps and a new look to the grill in front and add to all of it the car will have chrome finishing added to it. Car lovers are looking forward to getting the first view of its interior. With all the new look features the car will still have all the reputation and safety measures of the old one. The new car is expected to provide its riders the feel of the old car with added comfort and is due to arrive by March.

3. Hyundai i20 Facelift

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Hyundai is expected to carry on the legacy of releasing winners in the segment like the second generation i20 this time as well. The new car to be released by Hyundai is expected to have style tweaks in the sense of its grill and headlamps. There might be other changes as well. The car is expected to arrive early in the year.

4. Tata Indica Vista Electric

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The car has a legacy of existence in the Indian market for over a decade now and the electric variant of the car was revealed to the world at the Thailand auto expo of 2010 and the variant to be released in India is supposed to have the similar design in its exterior as the already existing model in India. The car aims at providing one out of the most economical cars for the people of India. Since there will be no engine and transmission the car loses a lot of weight to be one of the best performing hatchback cars available. We will also see the addition of screen panel at the back of seats for car details such as battery left and kilometers that can be covered etc. The car is due to arrive this year.

5. Tata Tiago sport

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Tata decided to renew their old Tiago for it to have a better look. They aim to stand it out from the other hatchbacks with its new aggressive body kit and other revisions like that of its suspension. The hatchback is expected to be priced lower than other of its rival hatchback bars including polo and Baleno. The car is expected to arrive in the early part of the year.


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