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What Should You Be Expecting? From Royal Enfield Announced Sale

What Should You Be Expecting? From Royal Enfield Announced Sale
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Royal Enfield has announced a sale offer whereby it would be putting up 15 motorcycles that belong to the Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stealth Black motorcycles, a limited edition product from this well-known brand of motorcycles in India. The bikes’ price has been determined at INR 1.9 lakh each. These bikes had originally taken part in a motorcycle expedition named Fight against Terror that had been carried out by the National Security Guards (NSG) during September 2017. The present sale campaign has been named Tribute to the Bravehearts.

The bikes are expected to go on sale online on December 13, 2017. The sale will be carried out at the official website of Royal Enfield – www.royalenfield.com/bravehearts.

The expedition

The NSG expedition in question was executed over a period of 40 days. The program intended to spread awareness regarding ways in which people could combat the vice of terrorism and thus serve the country. In all, the bikes traversed 8000 km across the country. The expedition also acted as a commemoration of the 33 years for which these commandos have served the country with pride, dignity, and distinction.

How would the sale proceed?

The sale is expected to happen on a first come first serve basis. Once they have registered the users will receive a unique code that they would need in order to take part in the sale. On the day the sale happens the participants will need to pay an amount of INR 15,000 in order to book any one of the 15 bikes on offer.

More on the Stealth Black edition

Stealth Black is basically based on Royal Enfield Classic 500. It happens to be the newest available color for this bike. The cruiser bike also has a rear disc brake. As far as Royal Enfield is concerned Classic 500 happens to be one of the topmost products from the point of view of popularity. You can buy the bike in a whole range of colors. The new edition is also commended for its stellar styling.


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