Home Cars What would choose? Sedan or Compact SUV As Your Next Car

What would choose? Sedan or Compact SUV As Your Next Car

What would choose? Sedan or Compact SUV As Your Next Car
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There is perhaps no competition in this regard as such. As far as the style quotient is concerned sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are so far better than the sedans. In the last few years some sedans, which are either redesigned or brand new, have seen some improvements but by and large, their sales have only been heading south. At the same time, the smaller SUV models have done so better in terms of sales along with crossovers and light trucks. In fact, even minivans, which were at one time supposed to be no-go propositions, have performed far better than the sedans.

The question that needs to be asked in this context is what does this mean for people who want to buy cars. This means that this is a great time to be buying sedans. They will in any way be more valuable than the smaller SUVs that come at the same price.

The matter of price

Right now sedans carry bigger discounts than the smaller SUVs. The sticker price is well-nigh same in both cases. In fact, the biggest difference in price in this segment is between Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Camry.

The other factors to be taken into consideration

Price is not the only factor where the sedans are doing better than the SUVs for a common car buyer. A midsize sedan offers far greater comfort in terms of driving as opposed to a smaller SUV. They are a lot more refined as well. They come with facilities such as greater fuel economy as well as better handling. The back seats of a sedan usually have a lot more room. It also helps that the interiors are far better as well. The trunk of a midsized sedan is often wider and deeper than the cargo area of a compact SUV that tends to be taller.

Last of all…

However, you also need to keep in mind that when you have a sedan you do not get the high riding seating position of a compact SUV that gives you such a sense of power and command. The SUVs also happen to be a lot more rugged as well. Most sedans do not have the four-wheel drive facility that you might like as well. It is obvious that the SUVs do come with some definitive advantages as well but they will always cost you more money and you need to ask yourself if you really need to pay it.


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